01. Dakota isn't very [keen] to go to the party because there won't be many people she knows there.
02. Livia is a very [keen] student who asks lots of questions, and always puts in a great deal of effort on all her assignments.
03. Jasper has a [keen] interest in politics, and is planning to run for office himself when he grows up.
04. My Linguistics professor has a [keen] ear for accents, and can identify almost any accent you can imagine.
05. The eagle's [keen] eyesight allows it to spot even the smallest prey from a great height.
06. Fans of the books "The Lord of the Rings" are [keenly] awaiting the release of the first film based on the fantasy trilogy.
07. Even the [keenest] supporters of the Liberal party are having doubts about their leader following this latest scandal.
08. John Burroughs once said that joy in the universe, and [keen] curiosity about it all, serve as his only religion.
09. The human sense of smell is so [keen] that it can detect the odors of certain substances even when they are diluted to 1 part to 30 billion.
10. The sensitivity of the human eye is so [keen] that on a clear, moonless night, a person standing on a mountain can see a match being lit as far as 50 miles away.
11. Following the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia has been [keen] to maintain an influence in the Caucasus region.
12. The island nation of Samoa has a number of first-class diving spots if you're to [keen] do some underwater sports.
13. Estimates of the number of child laborers are difficult to obtain because governments are not [keen] to measure a phenomenon which is not supposed to exist.
14. Both psychologists and philosophers are [keenly] interested in determining the origins of knowledge.

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